Remington UMC 45-70 405 grain Description: This is box of UMC 45-70 solid head 405 grain cartridges contains only (6) cartridges. These US Government standard shells are original to box and in excellent condition. The 2-piece box has good colors with some edge wear to it. Ground shipping and handling is included to the lower 48 states. I just finished loading up my first batch of reloads with the 405 gr. Rem's. I loaded 42, 43, 44grs of 3031. Not hot, but should be 100-200 faster than factory which is where I wanted. I loaded them to the second cannelure and the chambered fine. Just for kicks I seated a bullet out to the first cannelure to see if it would chamber.
Lee 45-70 HB 405 grain cast bullet mold . $20.50. 3 bids. $8.00 shipping. Ending Jan 3 at 1:38PM PST 5d 21h. Cast Bullet Tumble Lube Lot (qty2 16oz 45-45-10) (qty3 ...
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Dec 29, 2003 · The Barnes bullet used was the only one currently offered by them, but it is a dandy bullet for the .405. It is their 300 grain all-copper X-bullet. The hard cast gas-checked 300 grain flat point from Mt. Baldy proved to be an accurate alternative to jacketed bullets, and should be a very good choice for big game hunting.

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Testing out a BEHEMOTH 405 grain lead FPGC bullet.

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This Muzzleloader Ballistics chart should help you decide which muzzleloading bullet will shoot best in your muzzleloader. it also shows how much driop to expect with different muzzleloader bullets and loads.

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FEATURES:-Caliber: .45-70 Government-405 Grain-Jacketed Soft Point Core-Lokt-20 rounds/box-10 boxes/case

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Near realtime tracking of who has ammo, mags and reloading supplies in stock. View list of retailers. GunBot does not endorse any of the retailers or products listed. Double check price/quantity/caliber at the vendor's site before ordering. Order at your own risk! AR500 Armor - Level III 10" x 12" Trauma Plates starting at $65.00

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RL6306 Bore Rider Bullet Mould - .40 Caliber (405 grain) Our Price: $84.95 Compare. Quickview. RL6123 RCBS .45 Caliber 500 Grain Bullet Mould.

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The original weight of the bullet was 405 gr and in 1879 added a new version with a 500 grain The ballistic data for the .45-70 for four grain types of bullets muzzle velocity are 2,275 ft/s (300 gr JHP...

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45/70 Calibre Lead Bullet, 405 grain, Western Munitions, bag of 200, BL-4570-405-250. Price: $118.44 CAD. Out Of Stock: 0. Add to cart. Shipping available in Canada only.

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Want to see your products here? Click this link. Compare prices for 837306002229 - HSM/Hunting Shack Cowboy Rounds 405 Grain RNFP Brass .45-70 20Rds 45702N from all vendors.

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Buy Barnes TSX Rifle Bullets, .405 Winchester, Flat Base, 300 grain, 50 Bullets/Box, Copper, 30516 available as low as $44.89. Explore and compare prices from other vendors.

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HSM 45702N Cowboy Action 45-70 Government 405 GR Round Nose Flat Point (RNFP) 20 Bx/ 25 Cs 'Cowboy Action' line of ammunition is ideal for single action shooting or hunters who want a more 'traditional' option for the field. The moderate recoil and excellent accuracy of this ammunition...

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20 rounds of .45-70 Government ammunition. 405 grain Soft Point. Some was made by Remington and some was made by Winchester. 11: 8335: 45.00 : ended: 91. more pics. 20 rounds of 7.62 x 39 hunting ammunition. 123 grain Hi-Shok Soft Point. Federal Classic. 5: 5525: 19.00 : ended: 94. more pics. 100 rounds of 40 Smith and Wesson ammunition. 180 ...

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American 45-70 Government used 405 grain or 500 grain bullet with 70 grains of black powder, with muzzle velocity of 1400 fps (with 405 grain bullet). The muzzle velocity is quoted verbatim from...Bullet Weight / Type: 405 Grain Round Nose Flat Point. Quantity: 250 Count, 50 Count, Case. Case Quantity: 1000. Shipping Rates: 50ct $7 Flat Rate. Special Order: Please allow 2-5 days for order fulfillment. Manufactured on demand. Max Velocity: 1500 FPS

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May 12, 2014 · Bullets with lead cores typically display lower pressures than bullets of all copper or gilding metal structure. As such, we show data for both style bullets in a given weight, as often as possible. For example, should you have a Hornady GMX solid core hunting bullet, but our data for that weight bullet only shows a Speer lead core bullet and a ... 45/70 405GR Lever Action .458 RNFP. Product Code: MB-45-405LVR. 45-70 405GR. (.458) 3 Lube Groove This is a new 45-70 designed to cycle through the LEVER ACTION RIFLES. It is 1.035 inches O.L. and 0.436 from crimp groove to nose. Flat Rate Shipping is included in the price. Category: Hard Cast Bullets. Buy: RCBS 1-Cavity Bullet Mold for 45-405-FN 45 Caliber, 405 Grain, Flat Nose, Gas Check, .458" Diameter MFR: 82053. Bullet Mould Type: Rifle Bullet, Type: Bullet Moulds

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I own a ruger super redhawk 454 and am interested in trying beartooth's 405 grain bullet. Does anyone have any load data for it or know approxamatly how...50 Cal - Package of 20 - 295 to 405 Grain Bullets. Best Prices, Fast Shipping, Expert Advice! Bloodline Muzzleloader Bullets! Unlike any muzzleloader bullet on the market, each bullet is...

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Rimfire Ammo. 17 HMR; 17 Mach2; 17 WSM ... Hornady 45-70 Govt 325 Grain FTX (Flex Tip) LEVERevolution (20) $ 37.95. Out of Stock. Read more; Prvi 45-70 Govt 405 Grain ... Bullets cast from a Lyman 457124 mold produce 400-gr. round nose plain-base bullets, which are similar to 405-gr. bullets originally loaded in the .45-70 Gov't. Loaded with 28.5 grs. of H4198 ... 50 Cal - Package of 20 - 295 to 405 Grain Bullets. Best Prices, Fast Shipping, Expert Advice! Bloodline Muzzleloader Bullets! Unlike any muzzleloader bullet on the market, each bullet is...

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Barnes Barnes Buster Bullet 451 Cal 325 Grain 50 Per Box (45135), Not Loaded $ 41.90 Bulk Discount: $39.80 for 10+ MPN: 45135 UPC: 716876451357. I have a 45/70 sharps rifle and just recently received my order of 500 grain spire point bullets. I am impressed with the way you shipped the bullets all bullets in individual holes. So far the rifle enjoys these bullets as they shoot great. This of course makes me happy as well. Will be ordering more soon. Outdoors > Shooting > Ammunition > Reloading Supplies > Reloading Bullets > Hornady FTX® .45 325-Grain Bullets. Number of rounds: 50. Grain weight: 325. What's in the Box.Jan 16, 2010 · 405 grain test complete. This is a discussion on 405 grain test complete within the Reloading forums, part of the Gunner Forum category; I hope you guys enjoy this! YouTube - The .44 Mag and the effects of a 405 Grain Bullet...

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.458-405 GRAIN HOLLOW POINT- This bullets lead mushroom measures .550, and the jacket measures .600. Impact velocity = 975 fps, resulted 14 inches into a BULLET TEST TUBE. 500 grain 458 hollow point with cut jacket. Bullet on right measures .750 diameter and penetrated 29 inches of 10 percent gel. Bullet Weight: 405 grain. Muzzle Energy: 3597 lb/ft. The bullet utilized expands to an inch or more in diameter at our velocities, and hence penetration is limited to about two feet in flesh and bone.was the 405-grain soft-point bullet backed by 32 grains of cartri ge IS Ideal for reloading, but e hunter must 'remember it has a heavy bullet, is a smashing killer for close-range brush and timber shooting, and one should never attempt to make it a high-velocity load, Usually high-velocity Pont 4198 powder will give equal velocity with the 300 ...

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Mar 18, 2019 · Shooting 405 grain hard lead bullets, out of the 45-90 1886 Winchester lever-action rifle, checking to see what kind of velocity so you can get out of a modern 45-90 Leverguns 50 Most of our videos are about lever action rifles and other cowboy guns, including carbine and shotguns, sixguns, black powder, hunting, outdoors, and primitive skills. Remington Core-Lokt 45-70 Government 405gr SP Rifle Ammo - 20 Rounds - The Remington Core-Lokt bullet design is the original controlled expansion bullet and one of the most effective ever developed. Its progressively tapered copper jacket is locked to a solid lead core, promoting perfectly controlled expansion and high weight retention for ...

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500 grain bullets tend to do that. Mrs. Young Painless caught me in recoil. The nickel case has the 405 grain free bullets and the brass case has my hand cast 515 grain round nose, with gas check.Features and Specifications: Manufacturer Number: R4570G Caliber: .45-70 Government Bullet Type: Core-Lokt Soft Point Bullet Weight: 405 Grains Rounds: 20 per Box Muzzle Velocity: 1600 fps Bullet...405 Grain Flat Nose New 90374 Lee 2-Cavity Bullet Molds are a great choice for reloaders looking for a quality mold at an affordable price. Lee machines their mold blocks from aluminum making them rust resistant. Aluminum molds heat up and cool down faster than iron or steel molds and good bullets can usually be produced only after a few casts. Handgun Bullets. Sort By. Product Name Condition Best Sellers Reviews Count Price: low to high Price: high to low. Grain Weight.

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This is the same spherical propellant used in Hornady’s innovative and award-winning, high-performance factory ammunition. This fabulous propellant meters flawlessly and makes lever action cartridges like the 30-30 Winchester yield velocities in excess of 100 fps over any published handloads, with even greater gains over factory ammunition. Ammo WARNING You must be 18 or older to purchase shotgun or rifle ammunition and 21 or older to purchase handgun ammunition. All ammunition must be shipped Domestic Ground. Shipping not available for International residents. Residents in CA, DC, IL, MA, NY, CT, and NJ may have additional restrictions.

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...a 405 grain, .45 caliber bullet (.458″ diameter) propelled by 70 grains of powder, the cartridge 45-70 Govt black powder loading of a 405 grain bullet (.307 BC) at 1350 feet per second while the other...25.99 USD. Bullet Weight: 405 Grain. Bullet Style: Semi-Jacketed Flat Point (SJFP). Bullet Primer: Boxer Primed. Casing: Brass. Muzzle Velocity: 1328 fps. Muzzle Energy: 1587 ft lbs. Condition: New.Lee 45-70 HB 405 grain cast bullet mold . $20.50. 3 bids. $8.00 shipping. Ending Jan 3 at 1:38PM PST 5d 21h. Cast Bullet Tumble Lube Lot (qty2 16oz 45-45-10) (qty3 ...

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One of those sabot and bullet combos was the big 375-grain all-copper .475" diameter "Red Hot" bullet shown in the photo above. This is a lengthy projectile, measuring 1.205" in length - a bit too long for proper stabilization with the 1-in-28 inches twist rifling Knight had establsihed as a standard for the in-line industry. 50 Cal - Package of 20 - 295 to 405 Grain Bullets. Best Prices, Fast Shipping, Expert Advice! Bloodline Muzzleloader Bullets! Unlike any muzzleloader bullet on the market, each bullet is...

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45/70 405 Grain RNFP Qty 100. 5 Stars based on 83 Review(s). Qty In Stock 0.  Description. I am happy with the consistency of the bullets, I did a random sample and couldn't find a deviation.45/70 AMMUNITION. Steinel Ammunition offers precision-made 45/70 rounds you can depend on. We make a variety of loads and custom-made-for-Springfields 45/70 Government cartridges that big game hunters, competition shooters, and professionals rely on. Our 45/70 ammo includes bullet weights that range from 300 gr. – 405 gr. 405 Win 300 gr InterLock® SP Item #8241 | 20/Box . Millions of successful hunts have proven the accuracy and deadly effect of the famous Hornady ® InterLock, ® SST, ® InterBond ® and GMX ® bullets we load into Hornady ® Custom™ rifle ammunition.

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I have noticed that the Remington 405 grain ammo in 45-70 is close to 10.00 more than other store bought ammo. Only find three different loads for it here locally. Winchester 300 grain, Hornady 325 grain and the Remington 405 grain. These are plated 115 grain 2nds from another manufacturer. There were some minor dings or small voids in the bullet that should not affect loading or accuracy. Most of these bullets are perfect and...Whether you're making bulk ammo for plinking, creating the perfect hunting round, or building the best ammunition for a 500 yard shot, Midsouth has the right .458 Rifle Bullet for your Reloading recipe. Midsouth offers some of the best prices on .458 diameter Rifle Bullets from great brands like Hornady, Berger, Nosler, Sierra, and more!

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Nov 14, 2017 - Buy the Pure Lead PowerBelt® Bullets Today! .50 Cal - Package of 20 - 295 to 405 Grain Bullets. Best Prices, Fast Shipping, Expert Advice! 29.64 USD. 20ct. .500 diameter 405 grain Safari Solid™ hunting bullet designed for Bolt Action Rifles as well as double rifles. Design incorporates 3 + 1 band configuration for reduced barrel strain.

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Apr 10, 2012 · The original trapdoor bullet was a 405 gr hollow base (Lee makes a similar mold today) later the 500 gr roundnose came in. Regardless both bullets were cast with fairly soft lead alloy and the bump of the blackpowder load was meant to expand them to fill the bore. Good accuracy was achieved and leading was kept to a minimum. The most accurate bullets that we shot out of the SS were the Air Venturi 405 grain flat-nose bullets and the AeroMagnum 259 The Texan SS shoots a 405 grain bullet at 677 fps which generate 412...Mar 26, 2007 · I've been trying to work some loads up for a 210 grain 41 caliber bullet in my 405 winchester. The diameter of the bullet is .411 the same as the hornady 300 grain. The 210 grain bullet is cast. Should I be using a faster burning powder than H4895 or Benchmark? If so what powders should I be looking at? Should the cast bullets have gas checks ...

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However, the AeroLite bullet itself is completely different on the inside, being specifically designed to deliver optimal performance when used with standard (100 grain) propellant charges – the charge used by most hunters. The AeroLite has a much larger hollow point cavity than either the Platinum or Copper PowerBelts. FEATURES:-Caliber: .45-70 Government-405 Grain-Jacketed Soft Point Core-Lokt-20 rounds/box-10 boxes/case
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